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It’s finally that time of the year again, people! Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming soon and we’re eagerly anticipating to preening and priming your car to look and feel brand new.  Your friends and family will definitely be blown away as you drive around Singapore after we are done facelifting your car! Ain’t no need to buy yourself a new car, right?

For this year, we will be doing MOBILE GROOMING sessions even during the pre-CNY period to give everyone increased convenience. 

So, don’t hesitate any longer since we have limited slots. Hurry and get your preferred time and place before all the slots are gone!

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(For mobile grooming, water point and shelter are required. If your address do not have these amenities, we can suggest the nearest suitable location from your submitted address. Please be advised that any parking charges incurred will be added to the total cost of our services.)

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CNY 2019 Promo
CNY 2019 Promo

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    Our CNY Grooming Promo 2019 will consist of the following EIGHT (huat ah!) steps:

    For the exterior

    i) Snow wash using Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

    ii) Claying using Meguiar’s Direct Smooth Surface® Clay Bar

    iii) Not one but TWO coats of paint protection using Meguiar’s #21 Carnauba Plus Paste Wax

    iv) Tyre shine using Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Protectant Gel

    v) Rain repellent using Rain-X for front and rear windscreens

    For the interior

    vi) Vacuuming of car to make your car floor and carpet spotless

    vii) Interior grooming to clean and restore car dashboard, door panels and leather seats

    viii) Nano Mist Car Fumigation for cleaner, fresher and germ-free cabin air!

    For all the steps above, the usual price for our CNY Promo (for small and regular cars) is an auspicious S$168 (retail value: S$178) 

    Terms and conditions:

    1. For medium size (Camry, BMW 5 series, E Class etc) vehicles, the CNY promo will cost $188 while for large vehicles, the CNY promo will cost $208.

    2. While we seek to accommodate all requests in a fair and equitable manner as usual, all decisions by Max Polish are final. 

    3. Please note that a CNY surcharge of $50 applies between 19th Jan to 3rd February 2019 if the CNY Promo is not selected during this period.