Our Founders

Max Polish was founded by two car enthusiasts, Max Wu and Gabriel Tan, in 2008.

Max was a sales professional at a Hyundai dealership. He takes great pride in personally grooming his previous car, a white Honda Civic, to such gleaming perfection that he was the go-to for car grooming advice from friends and colleagues.

As time went by, Max wanted a change in his career and was soon bit by the entrepreneurial bug. He considered starting his own business.

As he pondered about what to do, the other founding partner, Gabriel Tan, pointed that the answer was staring at Max in the face.

Hence, Max Polish was born.

Our Goals

The two partners recognized that most people don’t have the skills to groom their own cars, the inclination to groom their own cars, or the time to bring the car to a car groomer and leave it there for a few hours.

Max Polish was created for time-strapped car lovers who want car groomers who:

  • Are equally passionate about cars
  • Can do the grooming at the convenience of their home
  • Are knowledgeable and experienced about grooming techniques, backed by reputable products (We use Meguiars, one of the most recognized and premium car grooming brands from US)
  • Offered a pricing structure that was value for money and straight-forward (consultative selling that are not aggressive like other groomers)

Within two months of starting Max Polish, the startup got its first big break when it was featured by Sunday Times among other local businesses that specialized in providing doorstep services.
With the immense boost in business, Max Polish has not looked back since.